oktober, 2014

All Because Of Jesus, a video with DIGC

DIGC in Drammen Theater (Febr 2014). Words and Music: Andrae Edward Crouch. Solist: Novegrace Aagot. Musical Leader for DIGC: Sven Jøran Michelsen. Piano: Trond Akerø-Kleven. Base Guitar: Espen Hauge. Drums: Anders Viken. Sax: Joseph Angyal. Filming and Klipping: Torbjørn Anderson. Sound Mix: Norsk Lydstudio.

The multicultural Drammen International Gospel was started i Aassiden Church in Drammen in 2009, and has had a whole range of concert productions during the last years. This video is taken from a DVD Production from a concert in the Theater of Drammen in February 2014. In October 2014 the choir held concerts in Salisbury and Winchester. A CD Production from these concerts is in Production now.